Man Li -  Serving "Fresh" Cantone Style Fine Chinese Cuisine Since 1996
Eat Healthy Stay Healthy
Get Souped!
Reaserchers continue to rave about "Soup Strategy" to control your your weight try a cup of soup prior to your meal It will take the edge off your appetite.  Try a bowl, pint, or quart of our delicious variety of soups.
Get Steamed!
Eating steamed Chicken, Shrimp, Fish or Tofu, with vegetables allows you to eat more healthier you will feel great about your diet as well as your image.  you can even ask for any of our delicous sauces like Duck, Hot Oil , Hot Mustard or Soy sauce to spice it up a bit.
Get Weight Loss!
Try chinese dishes with more vegetables to stay refreshed and healthy.  These are tips to lowering calories and fat, order more vegetable dishes or dishes that have a high proportion of vegetbles, such as Beef with Broccoli or dishes that come with mixed vegetables.  Order steamed rice, rice is a complex carbohydrate besides being low in calories, complex carbohydrates boost the metabolism "and of course you can always select from our vegetarian section of our menu.